USA Strong

Are you ‘Made in America’? 

The single most common question we receive at Up In Arms is “is this Made in America?” 

What is USA Strong?

We use shirts that are being made using American factories with American workers & one small process that occurs offshore, all while supporting US jobs.

American Made Hoodies:

We use fiber & knit yarns from American suppliers and from the best suppliers around the globe. This allows us to print the best shirts with the highest comfort levels while using American factories and workers to make the raw materials. 

Dyeing American Made Shirts:

Our American made shirts are then dyed In the USA (mostly in California) using the best dyeing equipment available. Every pound of fabric dyed by the manufacturing company only uses three gallons of water, which is up to five times less than our competition. 

Cutting American Made Shirts:

All of the hoodies/sweatshirts are then cut right here, on American soil. Having the dyeing and cutting processes in our backyard allows us to produce American made shirts with American workers while not compromising attention to quality. This allows us to produce the most comfortable fitting shirts with the amazing fit our customers have come to love. S


The majority of the fabrics of our shirts are assembled right here in the home of the free. However, we do still use a few other sewing facilities in the north and central American regions; nothing is “Made in China”. 


Off-the-Shelf and Ready to Ship:

Once the garments are sewn, they are sent to our US headquarters. This is where they are stored until shipped to our front door. The fulfillment center handles all the shipping, packing and delivery of the goods.